13 Oct 2009

One giant leap for man, one step for mankind.

Recently, a features editor from The Guardian newspaper phoned me about creating a daily blog of my exploits.

My first reaction was 'surely there has been some sort of mistake?'. 'Surely they have got the wrong person?'

The editor painstakingly checked his details, and I was right. He had.

But this gave me an idea. Every man and his dog is writing a blog these days. (check out FarmerGilesandShep.blog for a beautiful love story)

If 'everyone' can do it, then I can do it. Because I'm a bit like 'everyone', only smaller in number.

So here I am, people of the English speaking world. And here I am, foreign language users of Google Translate.

Behold my worldly wisdom, and enjoy my mental vastness!

And so, to start you off, I leave you with this recently acquired fact:

Dane Bower's phone number is only one digit different to mine.

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