14 Oct 2009

Secrets of the Open University

Today was not a good day.

Firstly, I could not sleep because I had an exam this afternoon. Secondly, I could not do my exam, because I didn't have any sleep last night.

But lets roll things back a bit....

The time was 2:17pm.

I was stood outside my designated Methodist church, to sit the three hour exam on 'Natural and Artificial Intelligence'. I'm not sure whether the Open University conduct all their exams in places of worship. Maybe I can confirm this when I get my next exam allocation at Finsbury Park Mosque.

My first task was to get into the building. Seems like a easy starter? Wrong.

Like all good churches, the doors were locked tight.

I wasn't alone in this predicament. I managed to join a group of fellow idiots, bashing and shaking anything that resembled an orifice to the building.

Just when I was going to reluctantly (and speedily) admit defeat, an old gentleman (we'll call him cock) opened one on the doors and said 'Oh, have you been their long?'

After this masterclass of organisation, I was looking forward to the main event. The pre-exam shit.

Normally, most people hold back on the loud raspberries when in a public toilet. But thanks to 'cock', this was a 3 minute in and old job. I felt in good company as an orchestra of arses, trumpeted their final nervous gasps.

At this point, I would like to apologise for the speedy deterioration of my blogging prose. My only disclaimer is, it's funny.

I quickly dashed into the exam room and took my place in the hall. There was a grand total of two people taking my exam, including me. As the exam started, the other guy was nowhere to be seen.

How was the exam? Terrible. I had to answer four questions, and only did two of them well.

It's wasn't all bad though. I enjoyed the irony of answering questions on Darwinism, while sat in a church.

I also enjoyed to post exam banter with fellow OUers. It seems the OU has become a playground for middle age men. Rather than getting to 50 and buying a sports car, they seem to be embarking on career changes in archeology, sociology, or any 'ology' where there might be chicks and no ex wives.

That's it for now. I'm going out. Cya

P.S. Does anyone know when the resits are?

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